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Tips for Choosing Child-Safe Blinds for Your Melbourne Family Home
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Tips for Choosing Child-Safe Blinds for Your Melbourne Family Home

Creating a safe and comfortable environment for your family is a top priority, which extends to your choices for your home’s interior. When it comes to window treatments, child safety becomes a significant consideration. Blinds are a popular choice for many Melbourne homes, but selecting safe options for your children is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore essential tips for choosing child-safe blinds for your Melbourne family home, ensuring that style and safety go hand in hand.

Cordless Design: Opt for blinds with cordless mechanisms to eliminate the risk of entanglement. Cordless blinds provide a sleek and modern look and remove the potential hazards associated with cords.

Motorised Blinds: Motorised blinds are an excellent child-safe option. With remote or smartphone control, you can operate the blinds without the need for cords or strings that could pose a danger to curious little ones.

Breakaway Features: Look for blinds with breakaway components that automatically detach under pressure. This feature prevents the risk of a child getting caught in the blinds’ cords.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Blinds: These blinds allow you to adjust the top and bottom sections separately, offering versatility and control without the need for cords.

Cord Tensioners: If you choose blinds with cords, ensure they come with cord tensioners. These devices keep the cords taut and out of reach, minimising the risk of tangling.

Childproof Window Covering Kits: Some blind manufacturers offer child proof kits with safety devices to secure cords and prevent entanglement. Consider using these kits for added peace of mind.

Inspect Existing Blinds: If you already have installed blinds, inspect them for loose or looped cords. Retrofitting blinds with safety devices like cord cleats can help mitigate risks.

Avoid Looped Cords: Looped cords are particularly hazardous, as they can form loops in which children might become entangled. Choose blinds with a flat, continuous loop or wand controls instead.

Consider Material and Fabric: Opt for blinds made from sturdy materials less likely to pose a choking hazard. Additionally, choose fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain.

Professional Installation: Proper installation is crucial for ensuring child-safe blinds. Seek the services of experienced professionals installing blinds with safety features.


When selecting blinds for your Melbourne family home, prioritising child safety is paramount. You can significantly reduce the risks of window treatments by choosing blinds with cordless mechanisms, motorised options, breakaway features, and cord tensioners. If necessary, inspect and retrofit existing blinds and consider childproofing kits for added safety measures. At National Blinds, we understand the importance of child safety, and our range of child-safe blinds provides functionality and peace of mind. By following these tips, you can create a secure and stylish space that ensures the well-being of your loved ones while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your Melbourne home.

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